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The Student Loan Tax Experts team is successfully navigating $50 million in student loans across 500+ households. We will help you reduce your financial burden, so that you can focus on your life.

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The numbers speak for themselves


of student loan debt overseen


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We understand how you feel because we’ve been in your shoes

You don’t want to ruin your financial progress because of a wrong repayment plan

You don't want to spend countless hours filing forms when your partner/
kids/dog needs you and your time

You want to pay off your student loans as quickly as possible because your LIFE is happening

You don't want to pay a single penny more than necessary

Your ideal life is closer than you think

Focus on your life, leave taxes to us.

Complete your annual state and federal tax filings, amend prior returns, or find the best student loan payment plan for your situation. We figure it out so you don't have to.

Keep more money in your pocket

We have overseen $50 million in student loan debt or an average of $250,000 per borrower. Schedule a free call with us to explore options for your situation.

Get a clear path to financial success

We know that navigating student loans AND taxes can be frustrating. Let us help you find the best plan for your student loan situation, AND we will file your taxes for you.

Clients like you trust us because we understand your needs.

Your local CPA or do-it-yourself tax softwares do not understand the nuances of student loans. We are committed to providing you with honest, transparent, and clear advice.

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Our team is the best in the country for navigating the complexities of student loans and taxes.

You will receive straightforward guidance without all the technical jargon. Period.

Married and need to file separately or jointly?

We have extensive experience in both and can determine which is the best solution for your situation.

"Despite the complexity of my loans, multiple income sources and PSLF plans, they have made tax filing as easy and painless as possible."

Student Loan Tax Experts client review

Nicole Schreiner

Services tailored to you

Tax Preparation


*starting at

  • File Federal and State tax forms.

  • Review prior year tax filing

  • Identify tax savings opportunities

  • Adjust tax withholding (W-4) as needed

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Amend Prior Tax Filings


*starting at

  • Adjust prior filings to capture missed opportunities

  • Correct mistakes found in earlier filing

  • Settle tax notices from the IRS if sent

  • Change filing status

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Married Filing Separately Analysis


one time fee

  • Determine whether to file joint or separate

  • Compare higher cost of MFS versus lower loan payments

  • Run a multi-year projection to see what's most advantageous

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per year

  • Year-to-date review with tax projection

  • Prior year tax review

  • Federal, state, & local filings

  • W2 wage earner

  • Itemized deduction

  • Taxable investment accounts

  • Married filing separately (Common Law States)

  • Unlimited year-round messaging

  • One video call

  • Up to 6 hours of working with the IRS or state notifications for resolutions

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per year

  • All Basic services included

  • Full time freelancer or Independent Contractor

  • Full time Schedule C business owner or Single member LLC

  • Rental property owners

  • Married, filing separately (community property states)

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  • All Basic and Standard services included

  • S Corp (Personal and Business)

  • Partnership (Personal and Business)

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Meet your team

We are Ben, Andrew, and Erin, your team of student loan tax experts. Our mission is to help you understand your student debt and taxes so you can feel confident in your plan, improve your financial situation, and live a life outside of your loans.

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Don’t take our word for it

Here is what some of our 500+ clients have said about working with us.

"Student Loan Tax Experts has done an amazing job. Despite the complexity of my loans, multiple income sources and PSLF plans, they have made tax filing as easy and painless as possible. I highly recommend them to anyone with student loans or just anyone who wants a true expert doing their taxes. They are the best!"

Student Loan Tax Experts client review

Nicole Schreiner

"Student Loan Tax Experts have been an absolute lifesaver for us! When we were struggling with tricky student loan questions, they swooped in with their expertise and clarity. Three years down the line, they're still our go-to for tax help, consistently providing thorough and detailed assistance. Their dedication and reliability make them a top choice in our book."

Student Loan Tax Experts client review

Mitchell McLaughlin

"We have used Student Loan Tax Experts for the last few years and my only regret is not finding them sooner! They are so professional, answer as many questions as needed and genuinely care about you. With our previous accountants, we just seemed like a number to them but with SLTE, we feel like they genuinely know us and our family and truly want the best for us. Highly recommend!"

Student Loan Tax Experts client review

Mandy Burnham

"This team has had an incredible impact on my finances and thus on my life. They are the most highly skilled professionals I have encountered in the financial industry. I cannot recommend them highly enough!"

Student Loan Tax Experts client review

John Bucher

"We LOVE Student Loan Tax Experts. Ben and his team are wonderful knowledgeable professionals who advised us well and resolved the multitude of little issues and details we had with our multiple businesses, income streams, and student loans. We would highly recommend them to anyone!"

Student Loan Tax Experts client review

Bilyana McLeod Petkova

Ben and the team do a great job and are so thorough! Our family feels well supported by them for all of our tax and financial needs.

Student Loan Tax Experts client review

Erica Wollerman

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