Tax Preparation – fees start at $545

  • Schedule a 15-minute call to discuss tax situation
  • File Federal and State tax forms.
  • Review prior year tax filing
  • Identify tax savings opportunities
  • Adjust tax withholding (W-4) as needed

Amend Prior Tax Filings – fees start at $495

  • Adjust prior filings to capture missed opportunities
  • Correct mistakes found in earlier filing
  • Settle tax notices from the IRS if sent
  • Change filing status used in prior years


Married Filing Separately Analysis – $495

  • Determine whether to file married or separate
  • Compare higher cost of MFS versus lower loan payments
  • Run a multi-year projection to see what’s most advantageous

Bookkeeping & Payroll – fees start at $200/month

  • Bring your books current
  • Categorizing income and expenses
  • Preparing monthly statements
  • Payroll
  • Utilizing Gusto and QuickBooks Online